Mango Fried Rice

Once again, another hit from Isa Moskowitz of Post Punk Kitchen! Here’s the link to da recipe, with all of the ingredients, preparation tips, and witty banter in tow:

This entree is as fantastic as it sounds, trust me.

I would recommend doing a couple of things.  First, make the rice earliest, at least a couple hours before dinner, then freezing it to make it cold.  Also, make sure you slice the mango and basil leaves long before you actually cook the rice mixture.  It will save you minutes of frenzied kitchen stress (the worst kind of stress, because you’re generally wired and wielding a kitchen knife at this point).  I have no tips to give on slicing the mango, seeing as mine turned out disastrously.  I mean, not actually, but ya know. My mango slicing skills leave something to be desired.

Even with all the kitchen stress, this is a very tasty dish! Maybe because I love cashews, mango, cilantro and sriracha no matter what, but all together it was a party in my mouth.

By the way, Sriracha hot sauce and cilantro are a must as toppings go:

I had my mango fried rice supplemented by a delectable almond milk/chai mixture.  Quite delightful.  Leftovers for dinner tomorrow!

Enjoy the salty-sweet-spicy-crazygood flavors of this mango fried rice!


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